Friday, March 23, 2012


 Yellow Green Red: 
"...if I close my eyes and just listen, I find myself in a little corner of Heaven… The Enthusiasts are chasing Mount Carmel to become today’s most sincerely-retro rock group around. The riffs smell like vintage corduroy pants, but this isn’t stoner rock for the Monster Magnet / Man’s Ruin set – both cuts sound lifted from some early Cream session. They recorded it on a 5-track in someone’s basement, and they really need to start selling this sort of golden sound to the millions of bands out there who could use it. Pass a whiff of The Enthusiasts to your local “classic rock record convention guy” and watch as he frantically thumbs through his Galactic Ramble in vain. I swear they’ve already got it down that good. LP soon, right guys?" 

The Ripple Effect: 
"Mutated garage fuzz with a mean and beefy bottom end. The Enthusiasts know how to bring the rock into the garage rock vein. Not content to settle on the fuzz and tin can vocals, the lads drop some big, near-stoner riffs, a nifty breakdown and a blur of a guitar solo into "Sinkin’/Risin’". "Joanne" follow suit with a tasty, psychedelic guitar/vocal intro. 

Coming from a “small town north of NYC”, this is the Enthusiasts second 7” platter. Toss in a handcrafted, self-stapled sleeve and we got ourselves one tasty vinyl treat released on the band’s own Magic Sleeve Records. Recommended for fans of Baby Woodrose and Dolly Rocker Movement." 

Rock Star Journalist: 
"This release sounds like it was recovered from the vaults of some long-lost ’70s psych rock act. The recording, the playing - it all has that feel of a particular era, yet manages to sound of the time, rather than sounding as if it’s simply aping a style. These guys know what the hell they’re doing, and it makes you want to smoke a bale of weed, drink a few too many beers, and rock out in your basement with these guys playing over in the corner. 

The title track does just what it says it will - it sinks down with fuzz and reverb, then surfaces, rising to the top with a powerful bit of guitar work that will pull you in over and over. The flipside, “Joanne,” is a little more mellow, but no less rockin’ and fuzzed-out. For what’s only the band’s second single (the first on their own Magic Sleeve Records), this is amazing. Really, it’s a great little blast of two songs no matter what, but this hair-shaking, air-guitaring workout of a single seems like the work of a much more established band. When the Enthusiasts drop a full-length, it’ll melt the needle of your turntable." 

Rocktober Magazine: 
"Not punk or rock n roll or garage or “rock-ish” – this is actual, bonafide ROCK music, not posing as harder or louder or eviler than it is, but just letting wailing, amazing guitar tones and (not to mention perfect singing and drumming) carry the load. The a-side made me blue cheerful!" 

Heavy Planet: 
"The Enthusiasts pack a punch of raw punk energy while embodying the soul of classic rock. While one may classify them as a 'garage rock' band, The Enthusiasts offer so much more substance. This New York trio seems to be the culmination of rock (...and roll) from the 50's through the 70's, right up to present day. This classic psych and blues sound is a welcome listen to my ears, giving a well needed rest from all of the heavy doom and sludge in recent memory. The Enthusiasts are one you will have to catch at a club or house show. Check out my favorite tune, Joanne, below, and if you're diggin' it head over to their bandcamp for a free download!" 

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Sunday, January 8, 2012


A peek at the Magic Sleeeve Records HQ and the beautiful new Enthusiasts 7"s!

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